Welcome to the world of Blisterlands!

A world torn asunder by two great evils. Where races that were once at war have teamed up. A cult thought dead is on the rise, and a dragon that was banished from the world attempts to break free. Are you prepared?

Please look at this new page of HOUSE RULES

Blisterlands Wiki. There is some more helpful info there.

Here is a list of pages that will help get you started:
Main Page

Character Creation Info
Creation towns
City of Lordam
Great Ring of Triumph
Murdic Mountain

Frozen Tundra Poison’s R’ Us

I figured I’d also mention this here… please also submit when you do your character what type of mount your character tends to ride. It can be any type really, goat, dog, donkey, horse etc.


Here is a small list of the cast of characters:

Sara – Silence


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