Here is a list of some of the house rules I wish to implament, I would love to get us to discuss / vote on them.

Attack Critical rolls: This will be an auto-critical, no rolling again to confirm. However this is how I will be rolling for all the monsters as well. This includes the weapons that have the 18-20 critical types.

Nat 20 rolls on skills… unfortunately I can’t accept this as an auto-win. There are a lot of things that have a HIGH DC and if your +skill and the 20 does not hit it, I can’t say you win (this again goes the same for all creatures you do random stuff to, or they attempt to do)

With rolling a 1 on attack, it is an auto-fail and possible dangerous to yourself or your party.

A roll on a 1 for skills doesn’t necessarily mean you fail if the DC is low enough and you have skill points (and enough of them) to beat the BC you will, but will look really silly doing it.

I’m also going to change the casting rules a little bit too. For all casting classes, that you need to “choose” spells for the day, if your character can take the time to memorize the spell (say a full day of writing an re-writing the spell in a book) then you will always remember that spell, and at that point you can cast any of the spells in your arsenal.

For example, Eddie the Cleric has 3 1st lvl spells, and memorized cause light wounds and resistance and cure light wounds. He does not need to select what amount of each. So he could cast cause light wounds 3 times, or he could cause resistance all 3 times, or cast cause wounds once, cure once, resistance once. Or any variation there of. This would the rules for every lvl of spells.


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