A town North East of Lordam, known for their farm lands and vast citrus groves. This town is only a short distant away from the trade route from Bissel Port to the City of Lordam.

It is a pretty conventional town, about 2000 in population. a pretty integrated town, with about 50 halflings, 36 elves, 20 dwarves and 4 half-orcs. Most of the town population are part of the army.. about 1800 town guards. This town is a training ground for the northern militia.

The head sergeants and captains are the half-orcs of the town.

Reports have been coming in about an orcish army that may be building up in the old dwarven stronghold called Vorkakc (Emerald Hold for you common folk)to the east towards the Murdic Mountains. It lies beneath Dragon Claw Hill.

Read about the Fall of Emerald Hold.

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