Creation Towns

City of Lordam

Bissel Port: Towards the northern Edges of the world on the Coast is Bissel Port, primarily a trade port that tends to deal with the less than honest sort, this is a place that likes to house known outcasts and turns a blind eye to anything that happens. This place has a lot of history of a black market that sells slaves and also a place to buy a mercanary or two.

Mordis Mountains: These mountains tear the world in half, there are many passes, some so wide you do not realize that you are in one. Home to many races of dwarves and gnomes. There has been rumor of giants moving to the great northern ranges, and more and more duergers have been seen towards the surfaces.

Southern Mordis Mountains, people don’t talk about much, its a barren wasteland as if the Gods broke the tips off of all the mountains and showered the rocks over everything. Most of the Southern world consists of desserts, mines. Myths have been told of a place in the center of the Dessert that there is a farmer that raises dragons. Everyone whos set out to find this person or place has never come back.

Darkwood Veil: A vast area, that takes up most of the of the middle world. There is a lot not known about this area. Primarly Elves, gnomes, halflings tend to wander. It runs from Ocean Edge to the Mordis Mountains. There has been many villages that are created and destroyed within these woods, however Darkwood Veil is known for Wild Golden Stallions and Blackened Goats.

Haywood: A small town North East of Lordam, known for their farm lands and vast citrus groves. This town is only a short distant away from the trade route from Bissel Port to the City of Lordam.

Spireton: Primary only a caster area, one can only be a spell caster of great potential to be selected to live here.. no one knows it’s true location however there is many guild entrances that perhaps teleport their folk throughout the land. Most all races are welcome. There are extremely few Half-Orcs that walk the walls of this enchanted city. There has been known that a few Drow have proven their worth to these people, as Spireton folk only want to gain knowledge of the magic arts. However Necromancy is Forbidden.

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Creation Towns

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