Character Creation Info

I am doing a character creation a bit different then the normal, allowing some that create backstorys to help benefit their characters, really get to know their characters and provide them and myself a chance to see how they might grow. Creating a small backstory will allow you to gain “FREE” skill points (e.g. Growing up in a family that raised goats for dwarves to ride) would get a +2 to Ride and perhaps a +2 to Handle Animal. I want to encourage people to create and it will also allow me to help bend certain encounters to some of the players strengths and also how to exploit their weaknesses.

To begin: Every Character must have a Full Name (First and Last) Alignment (cannot be evil), This campaign does not really relay on Gods – so please pick one from the PHB that would best fit your character, you may change their name to help you with your backstory if you’d like. However, if you do this please submit to me the change .. like Brian now worships Bob (Kord)

I will also be creating a list of villages/towns/citys that may also help with the creation and kinda help me when I ask for knowledge checks.

That list can be found Here.

Please create a descrtiption. Hair Color (or no hair) Facial Hair, tattoos, scars, injurys (perhaps you are missing a finger, or you have a bad knee) eye color, just try to take a self portrit and write down what you would see if someone were to look at your character.

I am going to allow everyone to have basic things that they won’t spend their starting money on. Backpack, pocket knife (if you plan to use this it does 1d2 non-lethal damage,flint&tinder, 1 torch(or lantern) bedroll, cloak, hemp rope, 7 Days worth of Rations (please keep track of this) a stack(20) of arrows or bolts or bullets if you have a ranged weapon that uses that.

Every character that is made by a player and not the GM is going to start with 1000 xp (e.g. Level 2). People may choose to Multi-Class and Prestige classes are allowed however please try plan for this and let me know to see if it would be relavant for the world you are entering.

Stats: I am am changing this from the standard creation. Everyone starts with 12 in each stat before choosing their race… however if you choose a non human race the stats will change normally (e.g. Dwraven +2 Con -2 Chr) Which then would look like

Str: 12 Dex: 12 Con: 14 Int: 12 Wis: 12 Chr: 10

Everyone is then roll 5d6 ONCE (don’t care if you get all 1’s) – I would prefer you roll in front of someone too just to keep everyone honest (it’s so easy to say you rolled 4 sixs). Add each dice roll to which ever stat you wish.

Armor / Weapons: Everyone can pick whichever items they wish to use, we are not going to use money right off as far as this is concerned I will be alloting money out once I receive back-stories to perhaps see how some of you would come into some gold/platinum or if you are really poor.

However, please limit your items (non masterwork/magical) to what your character would use.. and only choose exotic weapons if you have the feat / racial / class (or a really good backstory to show how you grew to learn to use a bastard sword) Or why you would have more then 1 type of weapon. Armor will be the same, choose one set of armor and shield (if your character would use one)

Lastly Skills: As mentioned above I will be giving out certain skill points to people’s backstory and perhaps giving a few out as well to help round out people’s characters. Please keep in mind I plan to have people use their skills that we haven’t currently been using (Haggle / Tumble / Riding / Survival / Climb) etc. I am also going to allow 1 non-class skill to be a class skill .. please provide me with whatever skill that is that you are choosing. Say a cleric with open lock being his class skill now; which normally is a non-class skill.

For those who are making a caster class PLEASE READ THIS

Any questions please let me know!

Character Creation Info

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