Town of Birchwood: Population: 704 Mayor Sam Peterson (Human) Small Church of Pelor which is run by Less “Quick” Fin (Gnome) This town also has a small blacksmith shop run by Orik (Dwarf), There is also a Tavern which also houses the Jail and the Town Hall. Huts and Houses scatter the hillside where most of the people live. For the most part these people keep to themselves unless there is a chance to earn extra money.

Local Tavern Information: Birchwood boarders Ashenland which is a pretty barren and lifeless land. An old road that leads to this so-called temple heads through the land, however the old road is no longer used due to goblin and kobald issues. This is the only road that is known to head in that direction. Tread carefully.

About a few months ago a band of adventurers came through in hopes to find the treasure that’s buried at the temple. One was a knight known as Sir Bowden, who looked to be protecting the sword(GM2) he carried, and whenever questioned about it, he brushed it aside saying it was a family heirloom and he does not trust strangers easily. There is also a missing wizard, and a ranger.

Some of the local farmers have been keeping their herds close as to problems happening at night, though some stand watch tend to not see the problems and come light they are missing stock or find carcasses. They believe the goblins may be behind this, however they are being extremely stealthy about it(GM3).

There has been rewards offered from a local named Kris, she is offering 300gp for a signet ring that was “stolen” from a goblin, she refuses to be wed to Jim Sheepson till she gets it back.

There is talk again of the midsummer festival that just started and hopes to buy “the enchanted fruit”(GM4).

There are some some saplings near the edge of Town that look very strange.(GM5)


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