Ashen Temple

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Dragon Cult built this temple on the surface a long time ago, the cult’s true name vanished as well. Though many believed that the name and temple was built during the time of Ashen to pray to him as god.

However problems occurred around the same time the wizards came to banish the dragon and all the members of the cult were killed. Because of this the temple slowly began to sink into the ground, perhaps it was because of the magic that was used or perhaps the temple itself was blessed with the powers of Ashen.

With most of presumed dead and the wizards believing nothing would ever come to live here abandoned it. However within the past hundred years goblins have moved in and now kobolds are also pushing into the ranks.

To be found out as the campaign progresses check back later.

Ashen Ravine

Ashen Ledge

Ashen Stairs

Ashen Courtyard

Ashen Temple

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