A combatent coming to the games for glory.


HP: 40
Stats: (GM1)
Init: +4
Speed: 30

AC: 19

Feats: Dodge, Great Fortitude, weapon focus scimitar Trackless Step, Woodland Stride, Wild Empathy,

Attack Bonus +7
Weapons: Scimitar x2 1d6+4 crit (18-20)

Spells: 0 – 4 1 – 3 2 – 2

Immunity to magic sleep effects // +2 racial saving throw // bonus against enchantment spells or effects. // Low-light Vision


Kem is known throughout the world for being a perfectionist with his trade. Although he does travel with a cart of armor or weapons, he does carry a satchle. He is a tattoo artist, he sells his art, that the world can see.

Legend has it that he was taught by the famed Tattoo Artist Marco Solinci, a wizard that was able to tattoo spells into the body that would never failed when the host thought it. However these tattoos were rare, and there has been many who’ve tried to replicate it, and the people they tested it on died during the process of inking.

Kem is also known for his showmenship of sword play, he wields 2 scimitars and when he fights he looks as if he is dancing with death itself, graceful but deadly. Although it’s been said that he is even deadlier without his weapons, but he just loves the look of the sword and enjoys the fear people get when he attacks.


Blisterlands Tuxedo